Do our words create our world?

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What if I were to suggest that everything you say is a direct request to the Universe? Would you think twice about saying “It is hard?” or “I can’t?”

Imagine that your words are the paintbrush that you create your reality with. I recently saw a pen called the “3d Doodle Pen” that allows you do draw whatever you want and POOF, out of thin air something is made from nothing.

Your words are similar to the 3d Doodle Pen. When you begin speaking to a friend about how “It is my dream to find my soulmate and to live in Cambodia,” not only is your friend listening, but so is your subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds are extremely powerful and control much of what we do. In the same way, if you tell that same friend “I will never be able to find my soulmate, as all of the “good ones” are taken, and besides that, living in Cambodia is just a pipe dream that is impossible,” your subconscious also hears that.

Now that we are beginning to understand how our words might very well create our world, how can we begin to speak differently? What is one thing that you say every day that perhaps you are NOT committed to have happen (i.e. Nothing ever works out for me)?

What could you say instead?

What if you altered that statement to say that: “Everything is always working out for me in the most miraculous and incredible ways.” Do you think you might receive different results?

I would love to leave you with a game that the co-founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, shared with me on my ‘Get Yourself the Job” show back in July of 2017 (CLICK HERE to listen). On the show, he suggested that I begin to play a game he called “How does it get any better than this?,” where every time that something even a little bit good happens, you say out loud “How does it get any better than this?”

I began playing the game immediately after our interview and said that phrase multiple times every day. At the end of August 2017 (less than one month after I began playing the “How does it get any better than this game?”), someone reached out to me and offered to buy my company out of the blue.

What would you say with your words if you knew they were creating your world…

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